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Camp Toccoa at Currahee Project, a 501C3, non-profit organization, to preserve the Legacy of Leadership of these great American heroes who trained on this mountain.


The governing body of the non-profit corporation is the Board of Trustees. Trustees are elected at the annual meeting of the Board and serve until a successor is elected or they leave or are removed from office. There are no limitations as to the number of successive terms of office a Trustee may serve. Vacancies may be filled by the Trustees at any meeting by majority vote. Advisors may be added by the Trustees at any meeting by majority vote. Trustees may not benefit financially in any way from the project.


The Board of Trustees supervises, controls and directs the management, affairs and property of the corporation; determines policies and changes; and promotes the purposes and objectives of the project and disburses its funds. All actions of the Board of Trustees must be consistent with the articles of incorporation and by-laws.


President –Gary Bellamy  (Toccoa,GA)

Vice-President – Patrick Hall (Toccoa,GA)

Secretary – Cynthia Brown

Treasurer – George Smith (Toccoa, GA)



Emily Bracchitta

Dell Broadrick (Marietta, GA)

Cynthia Brown - Chair

Brenda Carlan (Toccoa, GA)

Philip Hunt (Toccoa, GA)

Warren Johnston

Dan Kveton

Steve Lathan (Toccoa, GA)

Carlton Lowry (Chester, VA)

Rick Phillips (Toccoa, GA)

Brad Retting

Pat Smith (Toccoa, GA)

Connie Tabor (Toccoa, GA)


​Joe Alexander (Lenoir City, TN)

Chris Anderson (Charlestown, MA)

Chris Britton (Kennesaw, GA)

Tim Gray (Kingston, RI)

Tom Henley (Brookfield, WI)

Jim Martin (Xenia, OH)

General David Patraeus (Springfield, NH)

Tom Taylor (Washington, DC)

Andy Tymchuk (Gainesville, GA)

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