Before Images

CIRCA 1942- 1945

Entrance to Camp Toccoa before restoration

Above: Entrance to Camp Toccoa after restoration

Right: Drone view of the regimental monuments across the street from the Camp Toccoa entrance.>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Restoration Images


Before Images

CIRCA 1942- 1945

Restoration Images

windows, bathrooms, painting and HVAC

A pavilion was constructed from the ground up to serve as a meeting and gathering place.

Pavilion before Images

Preparing the site for construction

Pavilion Construction Images

grading, slab, building, roof

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Barrack 1 completed and the foundations for additional barracks.

Gift Shop in the making now open for business

Mock Living Exhibit in the HQ Building

A mock living area was constructed  at the end of the gift shop in the HQ building. 


It was made from non reworked original panels from Camp Toccoa. This is what  structures looked like in the forties. The mock living area has in it the bunk beds from WWII,  The bunks have GI blankets on them, coal burning heater from Camp Toccoa, Popeye from Band of Brothers footlocker, and last but not least with a mannequin dressed with a period correct paratrooper uniform worn in the movie “Saving Private Ryan”.




On display at the HQ Building


This beautiful wood carving of an American bald eagle was carved by Mr. Larry Jack Martin (1931-2006). Mr. Martin started carving in the 50's with scenes and checkering on gun stocks and pistols.

In the late 70's, he began carving wildlife. He made many trips to Branson, MO to purchase basswood for his carvings.

M. Martin was an avid hunter and fisherman. He is survived by his two children, Terry martin and Rebecca Herzog.


This carving was donated by Mr. Martin's niece Debbie Shaw Johnson and her husband Jeffrey.


The display stand for the carved eagle was made and donated by Carlton Lowry and his wife Sandra. 

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