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202nd MI BN HHD.jpeg

January 25, 2023

Camp Toccoa at Currahee had it's first military group visit in 2023. The 202nd MI BN HHD from Ft. Gordon . Although a rainy day they were able to run Currahee after getting a guided tour. 

Aaron Koepp_edited.jpg

February 14, 2023

While traveling through the area, Aaron Koepp, who currently lives in France, visited CTaC and ran Currahee Mountain. He will be jumping with the Liberty Jump Team into Normandy on D-Day of this year. 

Clayton Fire dept.jpeg

February 17, 2023

Firefighters from Clayton County, GA visited the Camp,, received a guided tour and ran Currahee Mountain. They are Company 1 of C shift "Yard Dawgs".  They came to the Camp after their shift that ended at 7 AM.  They earned a runner bracelet that says, "3 miles up. 3 miles down".

February 24, 2023

The 2nd Battalion of the 58th Infantry and the 198th Infantry from Ft. Benning visited CTac. After the guided tour, they ran Currahee Mountain.  They presented CTaC with a challenge coin and a photo of their last visit. 

Clayton Fire dept_edited.jpg

February 24, 2023

The 707th Military Intelligence Battalion from Ft. Gordon visited and ran Currahee Mountain after a guided tour. 

Evan Brammer family Oregon.jpg

March 8, 2023

Evan Brammer and his family, wife and 9 children, from Oregon requested and received a visit and tour of Camp Toccoa at Currahee.

The children are home schooled and a part of the learning experience is visiting and learning about historic sites. They had watched the HBO series “Band of Brothers” and wanted to visit Camp Toccoa. Evan’s father was a member of the 82nd AB and Evan spent a lot of time at Fr Bragg.

March 11, 2023

Sixty members of the Heavyweight Rowing team from the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD visited Camp Toccoa at Currahee, Inc and ran Currahee Mountain the original way.


The team was accompanied by Assistant Coach, Eric Shoemaker who expressed how thoroughly they enjoyed kicking off the week of training in Georgia with a run up Currahee.  Further he relayed that Camp Toccoa and Currahee  Mountain's historical connection to the training of our nation's military elite resonates with the US Naval Academy. 

The group also received a guided tour. 

March 15, 2023

LTC Kai Thaxton and Captain Darren Cinatl of HQ battalion of the 82nd Airborne Division from Ft. bragg, NC brought 31 paratroopers to Camp Toccoa. They stayed in the barracks, received a guided tour and ran Currahee Mountain on a chilly day.

They presented Camp Toccoa with a thank you plaque, 82nd AB hat, coin and shirt. A meal was prepared and served by the community.

March 15, 2023

Camp Toccoa at Currahee Project Chair, Cynthia Brown, received on behalf of the Camp a generous donation from Toccoa Elks Lodge 1820. The donation was part of the Toccoa Elks Lodge "Night of Giving" to deserving local charities.

Stacey Simmons, the Toccoa Elks Exhaulted ruler presented the donation. 

Camp Toccoa at Currahee is grateful for their generous support.