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Camp Toccoa Timeline

1930's :      Camp is built by the WPA to serve the National Guard

1941:          United States declares war on Germany, Italy and Japan

1942:          Camp Toccoa Opens to train paratroopers

                    506 PIR - 101st Airborne Division ( July 20, 1942 - November 15, 1942)

                    501 PIR - 101st Airborne Division (November 15, 1942 - March 15, 1943)

                    511 PIR - 11th Airborne Division (January 5, 1943 - March 23, 1943)

                    517 PIR - 1st. 17th, 82nd & 13th Airborne Division (March 15, 1943 - August 8th, 1943)

1943           295th Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Company (FA) (click here for link)  locates to camp for training                                  (July 21-Nov. 24)

1943:          The 38th Signal Construction Battalion was at Camp Toccoa from July until late Oct 1943.

1944 - 45:  German POW's located to camp for incarceration

1950's        State of Georgia Detention Center - singer James Brown was an inmate at the facility as a juvenile

1969:          Camp Toccoa property purchased by the Stephens County Development Authority (SCDA)

1970:          SCDA sells property to Milliken and Co. who builds Humphrey Plant on the site

2009:          Airborne Monument dedicated at Camp Toccoa Entrance

2011           Pacolet-Milliken donates Camp Toccoa Property to the Stephens County Historical Society

2012:          Camp Toccoa at Currahee Project is incorporated and becomes a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity.

                    Camp Toccoa celebrates 70th Anniversary with the 1st annual D-Day Run/ Memorial Service.

2013:          General David Petraeus agrees to join the Camp Toccoa at Currahee Board. 

2014:          Clean - up and restoration of HQ begins

2015:          HQ bathrooms added; ARC Grant application submitted

2016:          Guard shack erected from original materials; ARC Grant awarded; Pavilion work begins

2017:          Pavilion completed; grading for barracks and bathhouse finished; C47 donated. Memorial Day and       

                    Veterans Day ceremonies are conducted in the pavilion are open to the public and well attended.

2018:         All 4 barrack foundations are completed; Barrack 1 constructed using original panels from Camp Toccoa 

                   structures. Barrack 1 painted and opened to visitors. Barrack 4 floor constructed and covered.


2019:         Barrack Gift Shop constructed in HQ building and opens to the public the weekend before D-Day.                                      HVAC, Video Whiteboard  installed in HQ building. Camp open to visitors on Saturdays and holidays.

                   Launch of brick sales to raise funds for Project C-47. Launch of online store. Barrack 4 is constructed. 


2020:        Barrack 1 “506th” finished (including HVAC) available for rent; Project C 47 -C 47 fuselage painted; fuselage                   placed on landing gear; C47 moved to parking lot.


2021:       Project C47 windows installed; C47 floors installed and painted; C 47 moved to newly installed                                         concrete pads ( final display spot); New signs for buildings.

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