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In  July 1942, 5,000 men arrived at the remote training camp 5 miles outside of Toccoa,Georgia at Currahee Mountain for training as a new type of soldier – a paratrooper.


Over the next few years 17,000 soldiers from  501st, 506th, 511th, and 517th Parachute Infantry Division (PID), known as the "Toccoa Men",  trained at Camp Toccoa in preparation to defend the free world from the German offensive that was World War II. (more info)


the legacy of leadership of the four regiments originated at Camp Toccoa during World War II.

the lives and contributions of the “Toccoa men”.

all veterans and active duty military.

youth about character, duty and personal responsibility.


health and well being by sponsoring athletic and camping activities.



the historic Camp Toccoa site and its natural environment.


facilities for public education, recreation, and remembrance


The "Toccoa Men" of Camp Toccoa, reminisce about  their experiences at the Camp.


other relevant media


The purpose of the Camp Toccoa at Currahee project is to celebrate the lives and contributions of the 6000 "Toccoa Men" who trained on Currahee Mountain, outside of Toccoa, GA in the northeastern part of the state, during World War II.


Very few of the original structures remained after the Camp was no longer in use . Yet the men who trained there left an indelible mark not only on our community but on the world. We couldn't let their memory nor this historically important camp fade away. We had to act!  So we jumped in feet first and the Camp Toccoa at Currahee Project was born.

The scope of the project entails recreating the Camp Gate, Regimental Headquarters, Bathhouse, Barracks, Pavilion and a display for a C-47 Aircraft to offer visitors an opportunity to see, hear, and feel what those brave men experienced on that hallowed ground and took with them as they were serving their county around the world.


Thanks to generosity of corporate contributors and committed individuals, facilities are in various stages of completion and are already being enjoyed by visitors. Yet, there is still more to do to complete the vision in honoring not only  "the greatest generation" but all veterans and active duty military.


Camp Toccoa at Currahee does not belong to this community; it belongs to the world! Without each of us committing to this project, the heritage and legacy of leadership will be lost forever.

(more info)

Donations are welcomed to fund the advancement of the project!

Camp Toccoa at Currahee is a 501(c)(3) non - profit organization

Groups interested in visiting, please contact us


See the progress we have made reviving this significant site amidst the beauty of Toccoa, GA

Visit us and experience Camp Tocooa first hand for yourself.

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